Monday, June 2, 2008

Fresh Faced: Nadya Konstantinova

Remember that really cheesy song from They Might Be Giants? The one where Istanbul is no longer Constantinople? That's pretty much the only thing I can hear in my head when I read Nadya Konstantinova's last name to myself. Randomness aside, Nadya is the latest testament to the success of Eskimo models and their global scouting concept (think Heloise Guerin and Daria Bichevina). Nadya is quite an unusual model in so much that her intense features are in perfect balance with her youthful demeanor; creating a very strong and yet playful aesthetic.

(all images courtesy of Eskimo Models)

Sure, her digitals may not be the most inspired in the world, but the sheer potential of a girl as unique as Nadya is undeniable. Something about her square face, heavy (almost savage) brow line, and sullen stare makes this 17 year old Russian instantly memorable in my eyes.

Nadya is 5'9" and has a set of 31.5-23-33.5 measurements, which should make her a candidate for the runway sometime in the future. Here's hoping that Nadya is in New York and ready come September. I for one certainly wouldn't mind watching Nadya and fellow Eskimo model (and former Jil Sander exclusive, mind you) Daria Bichevina rack up some runway mileage come S/S 09.

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Charlotte said...

She looks gorgeus, beautiful eyes