Monday, June 16, 2008

Updated: Auguste Ciuksaite

Anyone remember the deeply mysterious Auguste Ciuksaite who was profiled almost two months ago (well two months to the day, as of tomorrow)? Well Maud and Penelope at FDIB were kind enough to update us all on her development. It seems as if Auguste now has a last name, and an agency in Milan, Elite. I still think Auguste is perhaps one of the strongest new Lithuanian girls at the moment, and I truly hope her time in Milan is well spent. More than anything, I'm desperately hoping that someone in Paris picks her up as soon as possible to start really developing this girl (sentiments echoed flawlessly over at FDIB).

(all images courtesy of Elite Milan)

Auguste still maintains that dark stare even in layers of sequins, and I appreciate that. Yes, I know that there have been one too many brooding, long-faced brunettes as of late, but that should be changing this week. Thanks again to Maud and Penelope for cluing me in on Auguste's developments. You girls are wonderful!

Friday, June 6, 2008

In Bloom: Magalie Daignault

Apparently we're in for a heat wave in New York; supposedly into the 90s over the weekend. It's that kind of sticky summer reference point that leads perfectly into tonight's fresh face. Magalie from Chantale Nadeau in Canada, and now at Trump, just reads like a hot summer afternoon. The kind of afternoon where you never showered that morning, and still smell like tequila and cigarettes from the night before. Or at least that's how my Sunday afternoons feel.

I wish I could take all of the credit for this analogy, but as I was preparing to blog about Magalie, my hilarious friend (and often partner in crime) Julio had this brilliant description that had me in stiches: "I tend to like things a bit more fooked up during the summer months. Magalie fits right in. She looks like she hasn't seen a shower in a week, those acid-washed jeans have a stronger smell of cig than Miss Havisham and her walk probably sucks. I love her. Plus I'm loyal to the core when it comes to Chantale Nadeau." Well said, indeed.

(all images courtesy of Trump Models)

Brilliant and altogether aspirational during these summer months. Magalie is the kind of dark and mysterious beauty that I have always found promising (read: Florence Desmidt, Amanda Laine, Virginia Guidetti). A little bit awkward and a bit hippie in her appeal. I'm dying to see Magalie styled in a shawl and moccasins, aren't you?

This Canadian beauty stands at 5'11" and has a set of 32-23-33 measurements. According to Chantale Nadeau, Magalie has already been booked for a story with Greg Kadel in Numero, and if the other options I've heard mention of are true, much, much more. Magalie just might be your new summer sensation.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fresh Faced: Nadya Konstantinova

Remember that really cheesy song from They Might Be Giants? The one where Istanbul is no longer Constantinople? That's pretty much the only thing I can hear in my head when I read Nadya Konstantinova's last name to myself. Randomness aside, Nadya is the latest testament to the success of Eskimo models and their global scouting concept (think Heloise Guerin and Daria Bichevina). Nadya is quite an unusual model in so much that her intense features are in perfect balance with her youthful demeanor; creating a very strong and yet playful aesthetic.

(all images courtesy of Eskimo Models)

Sure, her digitals may not be the most inspired in the world, but the sheer potential of a girl as unique as Nadya is undeniable. Something about her square face, heavy (almost savage) brow line, and sullen stare makes this 17 year old Russian instantly memorable in my eyes.

Nadya is 5'9" and has a set of 31.5-23-33.5 measurements, which should make her a candidate for the runway sometime in the future. Here's hoping that Nadya is in New York and ready come September. I for one certainly wouldn't mind watching Nadya and fellow Eskimo model (and former Jil Sander exclusive, mind you) Daria Bichevina rack up some runway mileage come S/S 09.

Updated: Virginia Guidetti

I love a steady stream of polaroids, especially when they capture one of my favorite new models. Virginia Guidetti is back and comes equipped with a seriously beautiful new set of polaroids from Next. Take a look for yourself:

(all images courtesy of Next Models)

Seriously, the Danielle Zinaich similarities are haunting in some of those polaroids, especially in the brows and lips. Hopefully Virginia's career will be littered with just as much successful as Danielle's was a decade ago.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fresh Faced: Liza Serpova

You know what I adore most about LMA Models in Russia? Aside from having an excellent and continually unique taste in the girls they represented, LMA knows how best to showcase their fresh faces for scouts and model enthusiasts like myself. There's no obscene airbrushing that renders the girls unrecognizable (read: IMG Paris), just simple and strong digitals to let you appreciate their beauty in the most natural of ways.

Sure, Liza Serpova might be a little sweeter than I typically go for in a model, but her digitals were the perfect sales pitch. You see, instead of trying to sell me on the idea of Liza as a model, LMA has highlighted all the things that make Liza unique: her luminescent eyes, powerful mouth and jawline, and that Rapunzel-like hair.

(all images courtesy of LMA models)

I am well aware that there is a slight Marina Panova similarity in the eyes. However, with that long mess of hair Liza reads visually like a modern day fairytale gone awry, making her quite unique in my eyes. While Liza is only 5'9" she certainly has a set of measurements made for modeling, 30-22-33.

What can I say, sometimes after focusing so intensely on hard edges and serial killer stares, you need something a bit sweeter, like Liza.

Monday, May 26, 2008

In Bloom: Allyson Ertel

Behold the lovely and effortless Allyson Ertel; one of the newest additions to Elite's development board in New York. A month ago, I thought that Charlotte O'Donnell was one of the only truly promising new faces for Elite, but Allyson has certainly changed my mind. There's a very particular grace and serenity in Allyon's face that seems to be piercing through each photo.

(all images courtesy of Elite Model Management)

That level of effortless, and almost Edwardian, beauty is just uncanny nowadays. Not to mention that Allyon's profile is just as intoxicating as her face is from the front. With those timeless features and her gorgeous bow-shaped lips, I for one will be watching to see Allyson's development in the months before the S/S 09 shows in September. Because in addition to have a stellar face, this kid also has a body that does not quit.

Allyson stands tall at 5'11" and boasts an impeccable set of 32-23-35 measurements (though her hips look smaller than a 35" to me). I know this is a brief profile, but sometimes the pictures can more appropriately speak for themselves without my textual support. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In Bloom: Virginia Guidetti

After a half-assed profile on Arielle Pytka's recent success, I figured it was about time to actually profile a new face. And while their website may still be down, but Next's Modelwire account is still alive and kicking. Thank god for that because otherwise it may have taken me months to stubble across Virginia Guidetti; a girl far too special to overlook.

(all images courtesy of Next Model Management)

From her glassy green eyes, to those incredible Danielle Zinaich like brows, Virginia is definitely one of my favorite new faces of late. Sure she looks a bit like Brittany Jursic at Elite, but there's something about Virginia's presence, even in these digitals, that I find far more captivating. Perhaps its a subtle confidence, or a youthful ambition, but there is definitely a lot lingering behind her eyes. Regardless of what that certain something is, Virginia has certainly won me over in a big way.

Virginia is 5'10.5" tall and has a serious set of 31-23-34 measurement. A year ago, I never thought I would be seeing this kind of fresh talent just waiting to be developed from Next. However, as we all know, the industry is quite cyclical. Now lets sit idly by and hope that Next can manage this girl to the fullest of her potential.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

In Bloom (Finally!): Arielle Pytka

Where have I been? Well, not to be cliche but I really suppose that's the 'one secret I'll never tell.' Then again, I'm not doling out secrets or insider gossip here, save to say I've moved on up in the world which explains for the lengthy delay between posts. Oh, and it also explains why my first post back is a going to be so half-assed.

Remember Arielle Ptyka? Ford Models in Europe highlighted her on the MDC Feed almost a year ago, with a set of stunning digitals that showcased this girl's incredible appeal and aspirational sense of personal style. I would be lying if I said I didn't instantly start tying things to my wrists after I saw her shots in June of last year.

(images courtesy of Ford Models)

With that incredibly squared face, and her beautifully downtrodden eyes, it was literally love at first site where Arielle is concerned. After months of waiting for something to happen, and blindly speculating two seasons in a row that she was being held for a Calvin Klein exclusive (and it would have made sense, no?), Arielle has finally made her runway debut. It may have only been a resort show, but it was still for Dior and our little (actually she's about 6'0" tall) Arielle nearly closed the show.

(image courtesy of Coutorture)

With her recent runway debut, and an alarmingly beautiful nude jewelery spread in the latest Muse Magazine, this California surfer girl (by way of Poland mind you) is finally starting to generate the buzz that she so rightly deserves. More over, self-proclaimed 'head modelizer' herself Romney Leader was nice enough to also profile Arielle on the Style File blog. They may steal all of our model IDs for their slideshows, but publicity is publicity and Arielle certainly deserves it.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In Bloom: Mirte Maas

Did I ever explain the differentiation between "Fresh Faced" and "In Bloom?" I don't believe that I actually did. Well, basically those that are "Fresh Faced" have not been signed international, those that are "In Bloom" have. Get it? It's really just some trite way to continue the 'fresh' motif, and a wonderful homage to one of my favorite Nirvana songs of all time.

Now back in January or February of this year, before O2W was made public via MDC, I was talking with my friend Julio about Mirte Maas. There wasn't much to share about this 17 year old Dutch girl (from MTA models) at the time, but when I realized that she'd been signed with Supreme in NYC, I figured it was time to profile her. That being said, meet Mirte:

(all images courtesy of MTA for O2W)

Mirte has that rare kind of clean, strong and unusual beauty that always resonates with me (and hopefully the casting directors for CK and Jil Sander). Not to mention that she has some of the most sensational eyes I have seen in a long time. Topped off of course with those Mariya Markina-esque brows. Sure there is a slight Malin Ones comparison to be made, but Mirte succeeds in not appearing dead behind the eyes.

Honestly, how incredible is this girl? Plus with her 5'10" frame and 31.5-24-35 measurement, Mirte could be a wonderful addition to the Supreme board in time for the S/S 09 show season. I love it when the communicative aspect of fashion, which equally entices and informs, leads to such beautiful personal discoveries. Thanks to the entire team at O2W for providing me with more information on this truly sensational face.

Edited To Add: After all the craziness since profiling Mirte, it remains to be seen if she's actually signed with Supreme. That piece of information was taken off of her O2W profile an hour after this post was made. Either way, I stand behind Mirte's potential and hope that someone will sign this girl soon enough in NYC.

Fresh Faced: Kaila Wilson

Another Canadian? I would feign shock, but we all know that they're everywhere nowadays. Much like the current fashion week going on in Australia (much more on that, and the faces from down-under, later), L'Oréal Fashion Week in Canada provided a glimpse of the future talent sitting pretty at some of the best mother agencies in Canada. One of my favorite faces from the shows was the completely unique Kai (and her amazing hair) from Sutherland Models.

(images courtesy of Southerland's Modelwire)

Sure, Kai has the insanely luxurious mane of hair to add to her appeal (and I'll be honest that it was what instantly attracted me to Kai), but she also has much more. What strikes me immediately is her lovely green eyes, that are so wide-set Kai almost appears feline in nature. Sure, her face runs the risk of being a little on the commercial side, but I also think she knows how deliver intensity where it counts. Take a look as Kai goes from editorial strong to Victoria's Secret Pink! in just two digitals.

That is the kind of inherent versatility that cannot easily be taught. I would however love to see a few more digitals with Kai's hair off her face so we could get a better sense of her profile. But from what I have seen, Kai has a fairly angular jawline that looks amazing on the runway. Sure, Kai is not my typical purely directional girl (where as Irene Amquandon would have been but I can't steal the thunder from MNP), but I think this 5'9" beauty has a ton of raw potential. Oh, and if anyone has a last name for Kai, I would greatly appreciate it.

ETA: Thanks to the user who provided a full name for this lovely model, Kaila Wilson. It's very much appreciated!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fresh Faced: Katerina Silhanova

I noticed that its been awhile since I profiled a blonde, and I have to say things were looking a little dark around here. So allow me to brighten things up for a moment and introduce the incomparable Katerina Silhanova from Bohemia Models. This 15 year old stunner from Czechoslovakia is every bit as beautiful as she is intense, which is a truly rare combination.

(all images courtesy of Bohemia Models)

What makes Katerina so remarkable to me is how effortlessly her facial features vacillate between intense and serene. Her eyes are a bright shade of seaform green, and yet under her heavy brows they almost appear sullen. Her lips have that soft bee-stung quality, but yet the architecture of that bow-shape is quiet modern and dramatic. And I have always celebrated a contradiction in aesthetics where models are concerned.

If her face wasn't enough, Katerina's 6'0" frame is just as strong with a set of incredible 32-24-35 measurements. Not that there has ever been a shortage of bookable Czech models, but at the moment Katerina really stands out for me. Not to mention that her golden locks should help to brighten up the blog for a bit.