Monday, June 2, 2008

Updated: Virginia Guidetti

I love a steady stream of polaroids, especially when they capture one of my favorite new models. Virginia Guidetti is back and comes equipped with a seriously beautiful new set of polaroids from Next. Take a look for yourself:

(all images courtesy of Next Models)

Seriously, the Danielle Zinaich similarities are haunting in some of those polaroids, especially in the brows and lips. Hopefully Virginia's career will be littered with just as much successful as Danielle's was a decade ago.


Eleanor said...

I really like Virginia. I believe she just did Stella McCartney Resort which boes well for SS09. :)

Michael said...

Eleanor, I actually just discovered that about twenty minutes after you posted the comment. I hope it didn't come across as stealing your thunder, because I only saw this after looking through the entire collection.

That definitely looks like Virginia to me (though the Danielle Zinaich similarities are uncanny).

Anonymous said...

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