Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In Bloom: Mirte Maas

Did I ever explain the differentiation between "Fresh Faced" and "In Bloom?" I don't believe that I actually did. Well, basically those that are "Fresh Faced" have not been signed international, those that are "In Bloom" have. Get it? It's really just some trite way to continue the 'fresh' motif, and a wonderful homage to one of my favorite Nirvana songs of all time.

Now back in January or February of this year, before O2W was made public via MDC, I was talking with my friend Julio about Mirte Maas. There wasn't much to share about this 17 year old Dutch girl (from MTA models) at the time, but when I realized that she'd been signed with Supreme in NYC, I figured it was time to profile her. That being said, meet Mirte:

(all images courtesy of MTA for O2W)

Mirte has that rare kind of clean, strong and unusual beauty that always resonates with me (and hopefully the casting directors for CK and Jil Sander). Not to mention that she has some of the most sensational eyes I have seen in a long time. Topped off of course with those Mariya Markina-esque brows. Sure there is a slight Malin Ones comparison to be made, but Mirte succeeds in not appearing dead behind the eyes.

Honestly, how incredible is this girl? Plus with her 5'10" frame and 31.5-24-35 measurement, Mirte could be a wonderful addition to the Supreme board in time for the S/S 09 show season. I love it when the communicative aspect of fashion, which equally entices and informs, leads to such beautiful personal discoveries. Thanks to the entire team at O2W for providing me with more information on this truly sensational face.

Edited To Add: After all the craziness since profiling Mirte, it remains to be seen if she's actually signed with Supreme. That piece of information was taken off of her O2W profile an hour after this post was made. Either way, I stand behind Mirte's potential and hope that someone will sign this girl soon enough in NYC.

Fresh Faced: Kaila Wilson

Another Canadian? I would feign shock, but we all know that they're everywhere nowadays. Much like the current fashion week going on in Australia (much more on that, and the faces from down-under, later), L'Oréal Fashion Week in Canada provided a glimpse of the future talent sitting pretty at some of the best mother agencies in Canada. One of my favorite faces from the shows was the completely unique Kai (and her amazing hair) from Sutherland Models.

(images courtesy of Southerland's Modelwire)

Sure, Kai has the insanely luxurious mane of hair to add to her appeal (and I'll be honest that it was what instantly attracted me to Kai), but she also has much more. What strikes me immediately is her lovely green eyes, that are so wide-set Kai almost appears feline in nature. Sure, her face runs the risk of being a little on the commercial side, but I also think she knows how deliver intensity where it counts. Take a look as Kai goes from editorial strong to Victoria's Secret Pink! in just two digitals.

That is the kind of inherent versatility that cannot easily be taught. I would however love to see a few more digitals with Kai's hair off her face so we could get a better sense of her profile. But from what I have seen, Kai has a fairly angular jawline that looks amazing on the runway. Sure, Kai is not my typical purely directional girl (where as Irene Amquandon would have been but I can't steal the thunder from MNP), but I think this 5'9" beauty has a ton of raw potential. Oh, and if anyone has a last name for Kai, I would greatly appreciate it.

ETA: Thanks to the user who provided a full name for this lovely model, Kaila Wilson. It's very much appreciated!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fresh Faced: Katerina Silhanova

I noticed that its been awhile since I profiled a blonde, and I have to say things were looking a little dark around here. So allow me to brighten things up for a moment and introduce the incomparable Katerina Silhanova from Bohemia Models. This 15 year old stunner from Czechoslovakia is every bit as beautiful as she is intense, which is a truly rare combination.

(all images courtesy of Bohemia Models)

What makes Katerina so remarkable to me is how effortlessly her facial features vacillate between intense and serene. Her eyes are a bright shade of seaform green, and yet under her heavy brows they almost appear sullen. Her lips have that soft bee-stung quality, but yet the architecture of that bow-shape is quiet modern and dramatic. And I have always celebrated a contradiction in aesthetics where models are concerned.

If her face wasn't enough, Katerina's 6'0" frame is just as strong with a set of incredible 32-24-35 measurements. Not that there has ever been a shortage of bookable Czech models, but at the moment Katerina really stands out for me. Not to mention that her golden locks should help to brighten up the blog for a bit.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Updated: Danielle Meyer

Remember the illusive Danielle Meyer that I profiled from Women Milan? Well thanks to some help from my dear comrade, Saracita, I finally realized why I couldn't find her anywhere; her real name is spelled Daniele Meier (or Daniele Meyer in at Modelwerk). Well thanks to this information I now know that Danielle's mother agency is Mega Models in Sao Paulo. Go figure, she's Brazilian.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this discovery is the write up that Danielle had in the January 2008 issue of L'Officiel Brazil. Now granted, I'm not one to always fall for the grandeur of the Marsh casting story (especially after recent events), but I still cannot help but be impressed with Danielle getting that much notice already.

(image scanned by Vini @ tFS)

Well now the bells and whistles that came with Danielle's portfolio at Women Milan make sense, especially considering the tremendous amount of success they had at last season's Prada show. Hopefully this marks the beginning of great things for Danielle's career.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fresh Faced: Anita Nolsjo

Just a note before I get into this profile. I appreciate the comments that everyone has left, but I personally have a stance against public weight related discussion. It could be the tFS rules eating away at me, or it could be my personal opinion to not condemn the bodies of other people (especially those I don't personally know). Models are meant to be skinny, so how about we just leave it at that. Now, back to the real purpose of this blog, shining a spotlight on fresh faced beauty.

There's something about the newest batch of Scandinavian girls that I'm finding absolutely fascinating right now. Sweden has had no shortage of beautiful models in the past, but as industry tastes have thankfully changed, the faces coming out of this country have certainly become more dynamic as well; and MIKAS has had some great success in that department (read: Sara Blomqvist). My favorite girl on their roster has to be Anita Nolsjo, and her remarkable tomboyish charm.

(all images courtesy of MIKAS)

The more and more I look at Anita, the more I'm impressed by the contrast between her sharp blue eyes, and the smooth, almost ovular, shape of her face. It's that contrast that lends a very acute androgyny to Anita's overall appeal, and yet she remains inherent beautiful from every angle.

In addition to her killer face, Anita is equally impressive at 5'11" and 33-25-35, and it seems as if I'm not the only one who's noticed. As I was Googling Anita for more information, I discovered the Maud and Penelope had also featured her recently. Well ladies, I'm on board where Anita is concerned. Oh, and if anyone wants to use the comment feature to suggest new faces to be profiled, feel free. I'm always interested in hearing and seeing what other people find beautiful.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fresh Faced: Johanna

Here's an interesting question for whomever reads this: have you ever found yourself having a "model moment"? Perhaps I should explain that a little better. Have you ever had a moment in everyday life where you unleash some piece of model related information in an unrelated environment? You know, a moment where people see what a fashion freak you truly are? Well, Junior year of college in some bullshit level Journalism class, I had such a moment. The professor was lecturing about Estonia, and claimed that due to the state of their media institutions Estonia had no celebrities. Without thinking twice, I raised my hand and corrected him, stating that Carmen Kass is quiet a well known figure in that country and internationally. I don't believe that anyone else in the room knew who she was, and I looked like an idiot.

How does this relate to anything? Well, its the story that naturally comes to me every time I think of Estonia now, and since our latest girl is Estonian, I figured it was an appropriate introduction. Meet Johanna from E.M.A. Model Management:

(all images courtesy of E.M.A.)

Nearly everything about Johanna's looks is strong; from her chiseled jaw, to those intense brown eyes. And yet, Johanna still manages to have a very acute femininity to her appearance, that seems to work harmonious with her other features. Johanna's is the type of beauty, not unlike Magdalena Frackowiak, that seamlessly traverses between hard and soft in every photograph.

Not to mention that Johanna has an amazing body. She's standing tall at 5'11", with 33-25-35 measurements. Granted, there can only be one Carmen Kass, but looking through the current Estonian girls (namely Kelli Lumi and Karmen Pedaru), I can't help but think just how wrong my professor was years ago. There is certainly an opportunity for star power in that country, and Johanna just so happens to be a testament to that potential.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fresh Faced: Brittany Bennett

Here's a perplexing question for you: does Brittany Bennett really constitute as a 'fresh face' upon her relaunch? If memory serves me right (and who am I kidding, its been so long I had to use Google to know for sure), Brittany was once represented by Chic and Next. Then again that was more like three years ago. As far as I can tell, Brittany's career never really took off the first time around, and that's enough for me to constitute her reintroduction into the modeling industry as fresh. After all, it seems to have worked for Aline Weber last season.

Fast forward a couple of years to find Brittany now sitting pretty at Priscilla's in Australia and on the development board at Women Management in Paris. Given her ingenious digitals from Women, I'm more than happy to have waited all this time to hear again from Brittany.

(all images courtesy of Women Management)

How I adore a new face who comes stocked with digitals and polaroids, before you're inundated with test shots. Otherwise, I might have missed Brittany (or perhaps baby Shalom Harlow is an appropriate nickname for her) and her incredible jawline. What stands out to me about Brittany is that contrast between the strong, glass cutting angles of her jaw, and those sleepy, doe-like eyes. Not to mention that Brittany has an equally strong 5'10.5" frame and 33-24-34 measurements.

So it remains to be seen whether or not Brittany's second time around will be the charm, but given brilliance of her relaunch, I would imagine that September could be a very lucrative time for her. Here's to Brittany becoming the next great Australian success story in the modeling industry.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Updated: Anna Heaton

Unfortunately, it has been awhile since there has been much news for one of my favorite Brits, Anna Heaton at First Model Management. And while her book is still stagnant with only polaroids and digitals, this latest batch is just too good not to post. I love how the soft quality perfectly compliments Anna's serene aesthetic. Supposedly, the story goes that First is taking their time to develop Anna given that she lives quite a distance from the city. While I hate to wait, I can't help but encourage them to take their time if it means a bigger and better future for Anna!

(all images courtesy of First Model Management)

A special thank you must be doled out for Penelope and MNP for taking the time to send these digitals my way. Maud and Penny never ceases to amaze me with their incredible taste and commitment to discovering some of the best new faces around, including the sensational Anna Heaton!

Fresh Faced: Auguste C.

The preamble to today's post is a lesson in ethnic heritage. Here's a fun fact for everyone: I'm actually half Lithuanian. Now unfortunately, my genes took a turn towards the Italian roots where height is concerned, but let me just say that Lithuanians are a tall people. Just look at my mother who stands at about 5'11". Why mention this, you ask? Because I always feel a sense of pride when I find a new Lithuanian girl that I like, even if I cannot speak a fucking word of the language. That being said, meet Auguste C. from Baltic Models in Lithuania:

(all images courtesy of Baltic Models)

Now I generally hate to make comparisons to already established models when introducing a new girls, but I cannot help but see an odd hybrid between Anna Kuchkina and my other favorite Lithuanian, Eva Arlauskaite, in her face. Comparisons aside, I really am smitten with Auguste's look. Perhaps its the quiet storm brewing behind her deep brown eyes? Or maybe that quaint sliver of a mouth? Either way, I feel like there is something very special about this girl.

Auguste is standing tall at a whopping 6'0" (though I'm sure we'll see that drop to 5'11" once she's signed), and very strong set of 32-25-35 measurements. Granted it's been a few years since the 'Lithuania Mania' that seemed to occur back in the first half of this decade, but with the recent success of Egle and Edita, one cannot help but think that agencies are scouting for their own Lithuanian star. Well as far as I can see, Auguste C. is currently one of the better new faces from this area. Needless to say I look forward seeing how Auguste's career develops!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fresh Faced: Danielle Meyer

So the same way that it kills me to start a thread without a full name and a set of stats, I hate to blog about a girl without all of the facts. Or rather, I should say, as many facts as I can possibly gather. Case in point, Sana Belal ends up with a polaroid sheet from Ford, when I assumed she was going to Next. However, sometimes you just fall for that instantaneous appeal and are willing to suffer through the often tumultuous process of waiting for new information, and re-checking portfolios daily.

Well such is the case for Danielle Meyer at Women Management in Milan. Trust me here, I've tried every combination of words I can think of to try to find her mother agency, and have come up empty. So take note, if anyone knows anything that I don't, please feel free to share (it will be greatly appreciated). Anyhow, Danielle is one of the first new faces I've seen on the Women Milan site to come with a video in addition to her portfolio. So, it certainly seems as if they're quite proud of their latest signing, and with good reason.

(all images courtesy of Women Management Milan)

Danielle is in possession of a very serious combination of tomboy charm (read: freckles!), and refined, classic features. Given that I'm such a sucker for a girl with red hair, I'm certainly loving how Danielle's shade of cherry locks give her a slightly darker twist. Also, if you have time I certainly suggest viewing the videos in her portfolio, because her smile is adorable.

Standing tall at 5'10", with a very strong set of 31.5-24-35 measurements, Danielle just comes across as the type of clean, strong, young girl that is very bookable. Granted, her portfolio is only full of a few average test shots at the moment, but I have high hopes for her development in that field. Until then, these polaroids are speaking volumes about the potential of Danielle Meyer, and Women Milan seems to believe in her just as much.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In Bloom: Sana Belal

When your very projected image is meticulously managed and promoted and sold on a daily basis, sometimes its hard to remember what a model might look like her natural habitat. Take for example my surprise when I discovered that Kamila Filipcikova was sporting a serious eyebrow piercing, or Abbey Lee Kershaw's adorable nose ring. Those little personal touches seems incredibly special when you consider that the modeling machine seems to want an increasingly blank, depersonalized slate with each passing girl.

Where is this all going? Well, I've been watching Sana Belal at 1st Option in Denmark for a few weeks now, but only after her debut on Next's PhotoASP account did I look back and realize that she was also sporting a facial piercing in her stunning digitals. I love the very idea that beyond that sweet, alien-esque face might lie a rebel without a cause somewhere in Sana!

(all photos courtesy of 1st Option)

What a subtle, yet unique, personal touch for a model. Combine that with the continued need for more diverse races on the runways (though I would like to come to place where racial diverse models don't even need that preface), and Sana certainly could be a girl to watch. With those beautiful, deep, wide-set eyes and that gorgeous skin tone, Sana appears to be a girl unlike any other this moment. Not to mention with her runway ready 5'10" and 30-24-32 frame, I cannot help but think that Sana would look right at home on a MxMJ runway come September. Of course, that is assuming that Next continues to successful promote their new faces (read: Karmen Pedaru for Chloé!).

(photos courtesy of Next's PhotoASP account)

So lets review here: Beautiful, unique alien-esque face? Check. Incredible runway body? Check. A much needed boost of diversity (other than Chanel and Jourdan)? Check! I think Next might very well have a great new talent on their hands, and I for one could not be happier to see Sana Belal already signed.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In Bloom: Holynde

It's certainly been awhile since I updated my little dog and pony show that I call a blog. Miss me? Well I was busy jetting back and forth between home and New York for a hugely important interview, for a position that I would lucky to land. I won't say much more because this never was intended to be about me, but I'm quite excited.

However, in the world of new faces it is certainly an exciting time. Agencies are starting to rearrange their boards after last season's shows and campaign bookings, and new faces are being signed and prepped for their runway debuts in September. One of my favorite new signings as of late is certainly Holynde from Richard's Models in Vancouver, who was recently placed with Ford in New York. Holynde is strong and angular with those very poignant Amanda Laine-esque eyebrows, and has a body that just does not seem to quit (read: check out her abs!).

(all images courtesy of Richard's Models)

Oh man, there is just such an incredible and yet quite intensity in Holynde's face that I find really resonates with me. This contrast between natural charm and stoic features should certainly serve Holynde well, especially since Ford seems to be on the rise again. I have no idea how she'll do come September, but at 5'11" and with 32-25-34.5 measurements, I would certainly book her for quite a few directional shows if I was in the position. And considering that she's Canadian, I'm sure Holynde would look right at home on a Rad Hourani runway in the future.

Anyhow, I'm glad to be back and once again fixating on my favorite hobbie (besides chain-smoking).