Monday, May 26, 2008

In Bloom: Allyson Ertel

Behold the lovely and effortless Allyson Ertel; one of the newest additions to Elite's development board in New York. A month ago, I thought that Charlotte O'Donnell was one of the only truly promising new faces for Elite, but Allyson has certainly changed my mind. There's a very particular grace and serenity in Allyon's face that seems to be piercing through each photo.

(all images courtesy of Elite Model Management)

That level of effortless, and almost Edwardian, beauty is just uncanny nowadays. Not to mention that Allyon's profile is just as intoxicating as her face is from the front. With those timeless features and her gorgeous bow-shaped lips, I for one will be watching to see Allyson's development in the months before the S/S 09 shows in September. Because in addition to have a stellar face, this kid also has a body that does not quit.

Allyson stands tall at 5'11" and boasts an impeccable set of 32-23-35 measurements (though her hips look smaller than a 35" to me). I know this is a brief profile, but sometimes the pictures can more appropriately speak for themselves without my textual support. Enjoy!


Eleanor said...

OH MY GOD! Allyson is DIVINE! Where is she from? Thank you for making us aware of her! Fantastic.

Michael said...

God only knows where this kid is from, but I'm thinking she's probably American, Canadian or British. Very English sounding name.

I'm so lucky to have your support Eleanor. It's rare to find someone with such a similar taste in beauty. <3

Anonymous said...

she has a wonderful face, but you cannot say that she has a great body. i'm sorry, but she is INCREDIBLY skinny. in an off-putting and unhealthy way. she has other photos on the elite site that show it even more.

Michael said...

You do realize that there is a distinct and utter difference between what the general population considers to be a 'great body,' and what the model industry considers to be a 'great body,' right?

Personally, I blame the photographer who shot those images for sensationalizing her body in such a manner. However, no matter how thin she may look in other pictures, they do provide any tangible evidence with which you could diagnose her physical health. I hope that you will be able to understand that distinction and try not to turn this blog into a weight debate.

lookatus said...

poor thing. the fashion industry is twisted if they think malnutrition is something to idolize. i don't believe we need a doctor's report on allyson to determine that she's seriously underweight. i'm not debating. i'm just commenting.