Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fresh Faced: Liza Serpova

You know what I adore most about LMA Models in Russia? Aside from having an excellent and continually unique taste in the girls they represented, LMA knows how best to showcase their fresh faces for scouts and model enthusiasts like myself. There's no obscene airbrushing that renders the girls unrecognizable (read: IMG Paris), just simple and strong digitals to let you appreciate their beauty in the most natural of ways.

Sure, Liza Serpova might be a little sweeter than I typically go for in a model, but her digitals were the perfect sales pitch. You see, instead of trying to sell me on the idea of Liza as a model, LMA has highlighted all the things that make Liza unique: her luminescent eyes, powerful mouth and jawline, and that Rapunzel-like hair.

(all images courtesy of LMA models)

I am well aware that there is a slight Marina Panova similarity in the eyes. However, with that long mess of hair Liza reads visually like a modern day fairytale gone awry, making her quite unique in my eyes. While Liza is only 5'9" she certainly has a set of measurements made for modeling, 30-22-33.

What can I say, sometimes after focusing so intensely on hard edges and serial killer stares, you need something a bit sweeter, like Liza.

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Anonymous said...

I hope though, that she also has some serial killer potential :D

but yes she is very sweet. look at that mane @_@